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Academic Programs

American Lutheran Theological Seminary (ALTS) was formed by The American Association of Lutheran Churches (The AALC) to meet the needs of our growing church body through the teaching and forming of pastors. Over the past three decades our processes, technologies, and patterns have changed considerably, but our heart to serve has remained the same.

Our seminary respects and honors the past while embracing the future of pastoral formation. 

On-line theological education is a convenient and inexpensive platform using the latest technology to engage in distance learning via the internet. Live video classroom discussions offer an active environment for pastoral formation. Discussion becomes vital in our online community as we walk together.

ALTS Graduation Rate

Compared to other institutions of higher education, calculating the graduation rate for ALTS is unique. This is because ALTS does not specify or define the length of time required to complete any of our degree programs. 

Over the last 5 years, of the 29 men enrolled in our ALTS MDiv degree program (formerly MTS degree program), 8 have graduated so far, giving our Seminary a 28% graduation rate. The remaining 21 men are still completing their course work.

ALTS Retention Rate

MDiv 84%

MAR 40%

MAT 100% 

When looking at the individual degree programs we offer, you can see that our students who begin their graduate studies tend to complete the program and graduate. It’s just that not everyone takes the same number of classes at the same pace as anyone else. 

Since 2012, a total of 12 men have graduated with an MDiv degree and have been called to ministry and ordained. One man has graduated recently and will be ordained as soon as he receives a Call. Two women graduated with MAR degrees, and one woman graduated with an MAT degree. Of those, one woman is serving as a deaconess in a congregation; another is serving in various editorial capacities for different organizations

ALTS offers three online degree programs:

  1. A Master of Divinity [M.Div.] degree is the path to Ordination within the American Association of Lutheran Churches [AALC]. The M.Div. program consists of 30 courses and a 1-year Vicarage. [Learn More]

  2. A Master of Arts in Religion [M.A.R.] degree is the path to certification for  Commissioned Church workers including: Deaconness, Youth Minister, Church Administrator, and Christian School Principal. The M.A.R. program consists of 10 courses plus a Master’s Thesis. The student will choose one of three focused areas of study: Outreach, Pedagogy, and Administration. [Learn More]

  3. A Master of Arts in Theology [M.A.T.] degree is designed for individuals seeking graduate theological education. The M.A.T. program consists of 10 courses plus a Master’s Thesis. The student will choose from four specialized areas of study: General Studies, Exegetical Studies, Doctrinal Studies, and Historical Studies.  [Learn More]

  4. Download our ALTS Student Guide for more information.  [Student Guide]

 Traditional Residential Studies

  1. Residential studies take place at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTSFW). The residential program reflects an historical approach to pastoral formation. Residential students receive a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degree from the host seminary (CTSFW). [Learn More].