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Master of Arts in Religion [M.A.R.]

The Master of Arts in Religion [MAR] degree program prepares men and women for service in Christ’s Church as a Commissioned Church Worker, or helper in the ministry of the local congregation, in such roles as: Deacon or Deaconess, Director of Youth Ministries, Bible Study Leader, or Missionary Service.

The Master of Arts in Religion program builds critical foundations in Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology forming an orderly and rational account of the doctrines of the Christian Faith with emphasis on practical service within the church. These are the persons who assist the pastor as he provides and oversees various kinds of leadership and ministry in the congregation. For example, Evangelism or Community Outreach Chairperson, or to simply answer the call to serve where God may choose.

The M.A.R. has 8 required courses, and then the student will choose one of three areas of concentration; Administration, Outreach, or Pedagogy for a total of 10 courses. The final capstone for the Master of Art in Religion is a Master’s Thesis (2 course equivalent).

Foundation (8 courses)

  1. The Bible in Context
  2. S100 Theological Prolegomena
  3. EO101 Old Testament Introduction
  4. EN101 New Testament Introduction
  5. S124 Lutheran Confessions I (prerequisite: S100 Theological Prolegomena)
  6. S125 Lutheran Confessions II (prerequisite: S124 Lutheran Confessions I)
  7. H101 Church History Overview
  8. H185 History and Polity of TAALC

Focused Areas of Study


  • S132 Apologetics
  • P160 Missions
  • Outreach Thesis


  • S131 Catechesis
  • P120 Teaching the Faith
  • Pedagogy Thesis


  • P151 Pastoral Leadership
  • P170 Church Administration
  • Administration Thesis

MAR Students must subscribe to our Statements of Faith

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