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 Master of Divinity

 The Master of Divinity [M.Div.] program, prepares men of all ages for parish ministry on a path to ordination within the American Association of Lutheran Churches.

Our M.Div. program prepares future pastors with critical instruction in the Greek language to read the gospel in the language in which it was written and also detailed studies in Exegesis / Systematics / Church History / and practical applications of parish ministry.

Our courses cover topics from Theological Prolegomena, Old and New Testament, Pastoral Theology and Life, to practical preaching. As an ALTS pastoral candidate, you will also serve as an intern or Vicar for at least 12 months under the supervision of a senior pastor. The purpose of the Vicarage is to show you the practical aspects of parish life, while you complete your studies.

An M.Div. student will complete 30 courses including a 1-year Vicarage on the path to ordination within the AALC. [STUDENT GUIDE]

M.Div Program Travel Expections

Travel expections where the M.Div. student is required to participate in person:

  1. Once a year we have a Pastor’s Conference (3-4 days), somewhere in the country near a transportation hub—St. Paul, Minnesota and Fort Wayne, Indiana are popular destinations.

  2. From time-to-time, we have a Seminary Retreat, normally in the Summer, somewhere in the country near a transportation hub.

  3. Vicarage – Once the M.Div. student completes 18 courses, (7 required including prerequisites), the M.Div. student is placed in an Internship (Vicarage). We try our best to locate a suitable church near the student but that may not be possible therefore the student will be required to relocate. Our interns will serve at an AALC congregation, LCMS congregation, or other congregation if they subscribe to our [Statements of Faith] and are approved by ALTS leadership. A Vicarage is a minimum of one year.

M.Div. Students must subscribe to our Statements of Faith

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