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The Wartburg Center

The Wartburg Center takes its name from Wartburg Castle. Wartburg Castle was the location where Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German.

This page contains links to public domain and free resources for use by our students and guests. The Subscription Resources page contains academic resources for our student body only. Please check back here from time to time as the Wartburg Center is developing.


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ALTS Google Books Library
Google Books Library
Here, we have compiled a variety of pdfs on various theological topics that are available through Google books. They can be viewed by category.

ALTS Student Guide
Our current course offerings and Vicarage Guide.

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Bible History
Bible History contains helpful resources for studying the time period of the Old and New Testaments, including maps, timelines, and articles. 

Bible Study Tools
You can find a number of resources for the study of Scripture here, including several commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances.

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The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
This site contains a large number of classical Christian books that are in the public domain. You can find writings of the church fathers, medieval theologians, and heirs of the Reformation.

Concordia Theological Quarterly
Concordia Theological Quarterly is the theological journal of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. This website provides the entire backlog of journals from 1977 through today.

The Book of Concord
This contains the complete writings contained in the Book of Concord (the Triglotta edition), along with some other related documents.

Early Christian Writings
This site catalogues a variety of writings from the beginnings of Christianity, including a large selection of gnostic texts, and volumes of the church fathers. This is a particularly helpful resource for those looking to research the earliest heresies that the church engaged.

Sacred Texts: Christianity
On this page, you can find a number of influential Christian texts, including Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologia, writings of the church fathers, and John Calvin's commentaries.

Christian Cyclopedia
This resource from the LCMS is an encyclopedia of Christian theology, history, and various significant theologians. This contains biographical information for several Lutheran theologians.

Concordia Scholar
This site contains a number of resources from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, MO. This includes full video courses, theological journals, and sermons.

CTSFW Media Resources
Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN offers pdfs of a number of journal articles, sermons, along with several other resources from their professors and other scholars.

The Catholic Encyclopedia
This encyclopedia includes a variety of topics from a Roman Catholic perspective.

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Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a massive database of free scholarly resources. It is so broad, however, as not to be particularly well-curated. Therefore, when using articles found here, be sure to check the validity of the source. 

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The Kretzmann Project
The complete text of LCMS theologian Paul Kretzmann's Popular Commentary on the Whole Bible is contained here with an easy to use navigation menu.

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Luther's Works at Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is a massive collection of public domain works, containing a vast array of authors, subjects, and languages. This page displays the works of Martin Luther offered in their library.

Luther's Works: Weimar Edition
Here is a complete collection of Luther's works in German. This is the most commonly used Weimar Edition. 

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Patrologia Graecia and Patrologia Latina
Migne's Patrologia Graecia and Patrologia Latina provides a scholarly text of the Greek and Latin Fathers in the original languages. This site has .pdf versions of his collection, arranged by his volume numbers. There are additional grammatical and lexical references available at the bottom of the menu pages. Please be aware that these are Greek and Latin works without English language commentary.

The Post-Reformation Digital Library
The Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL) is a select database of digital books relating to the development of theology and philosophy during the Reformation and Post-Reformation/Early Modern Era (late 15th-18th c.). Late medieval and patristic works printed and referenced in the early modern era are also included.

The Perseus Digital Library
This free resource includes a large number of texts related to the ancient Greco-Roman world. These works are particularly beneficial for understanding the first century Roman context in which the New Testament occurs. 

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The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a regularly updated encyclopedia maintained by Stanford University. It is continually checked and updated by scholars in the field.

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Project Wittenberg
Project Wittenberg contains several of Martin Luther's writings, along with texts from some of his colleagues and later Missouri Synod theologians.

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