Student Adoption

The Student Adoption Program is a means by which individuals, groups, and congregations can provide direct support to a seminarian enrolled in American Lutheran Theological Seminary.

When our future pastors enter the seminary, they do so with the knowledge that they are entering a period not only of great spiritual enrichment, but great financial deprivation. Many students assume great indebtedness to study for the ministry, a debt that they carry with them into the pastorate, a debt that limits their ability to serve our smaller congregations.

Through the Student Adoption Program you can establish a personal relationship between a future pastor and your congregation. By your prayers and financial support, you can assist a fellow member in the body of Christ as he prepares to enter the Office of the Holy Ministry.

Through the Student Adoption Program you will gain first-hand knowledge of the seminary’s mission and its service to you and the church. You will have personal contact and interaction with a man (and his family) who is dedicating his life to serving the Lord and will share in the joys and sorrows of this work. In this tangible and direct way, you can participate in the preparation of pastors and missionaries.

Your support can provide moral and spiritual encouragement through correspondence with the student and regular prayer for him and his family during his challenging and exciting years at the seminary. In addition, gifts and financial assistance help provide for the physical needs of the student and his family, from paying the water bill to buying shoes for the children. Many times students and their families form a strong relationship with the individuals and congregations that adopt them as they share their experiences with people from across the country.

If you or your congregation would like to adopt a student, please fill out a Student Adoption Application form*, specifying the amount you wish to contribute.

Thank you for keeping us—and our students—in your prayers.





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