Welcome to the American Lutheran Theological Seminary!

The staff and faculty of The American Lutheran Theological Seminary are highly trained and experienced professionals. They are dedicated to serve our student body and the Lord's Church.

Our three goals are to:

  1. Provide Christ-Centered and Cross-Focused training for the future pastors of The American Association of Lutheran Churches
  2. Provide sound biblical education for the laity of our member congregations
  3. Be a beacon of light and a source of biblical education for the secular world


The Rev. Dr. Jordan Cooper, President

COO Jordan_B_Cooper_1080x700


The Rev. Dr. Jordan Cooper is the author of eight books on various aspects of Lutheran theology and life.

He has also published articles in Modern Reformation, Logia: A Journal of Lutheran Theology, the Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation, and Conspectus: The Journal of the South African Theological Seminary.

Dr. Cooper is a frequent guest on over a dozen podcasts on issues related to theology and philosophy. Dr. Cooper has served as a parish pastor, a campus chaplain, and an adjunct professor of Systematic Theology. He is also the Executive Director of Just and Sinner--a ministry dedicated to furthering Lutheran theological education for both clergy and laity.  


Kle Duane Kleven_1080x700_aDuane Kleven, Executive Administrator


  • 25 Years Experience as a Business Analyst Consultant with Fortune 50 Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Organizations (Background in Management Analysis and Process Development)
  • 20 Year Volunteer Boy Scouts of America, culminating as District Commissioner for Southeastern Connecticut
  • 17 Year Navy Veteran – Submarine Force
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Eastern Connecticut State University


Bonnie_Ohlrich_1080x700Mrs. Bonnie Ohlrich, Executive Assistant, Registrar



Adjunct Faculty

Coo Jordan_B_Cooper_600x800The Rev. Dr. Jordan Cooper, PH.D. South African Theological Seminary, MTS American Lutheran Theological Seminary, MTH Wittenberg Institute, BA Geneva College



Timothy_Dost_600x800Dr. Timothy Dost, Ph.D.



Adam_Francisco_600x800Dr. Adam Francisco, D.Phil, Oxford, England; M.S.T., Oxford, England; M.A., Concordia, Irvine;   BA, Concordia, Irvine.



Craig_Henningfield_600x800The Rev. Dr. Craig Henningfield, D.Min.



Rev. Dr. Cary Larson

Rev CGLarson_600x800





Curtis_Leins_600x800Rev. Dr. Curtis E. Leins, Ph.D., Temple University; M.A., Temple University; Th.M., Duke University;   M.Div., Lutheran Theology Southern Seminary; B.A., Lenoir-Rhyne College.  


Pulse_Jeffrey_600x800Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Pulse, Ph.D., University of Duram, England; S.T.M., Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne; M.Div., CTSFW.



Shi Rich Shields_600x800Rev. Richard Shields, S.T.M. - Exegetical Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; M.Div., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.



David_Spotts_600x800Rev. Dave Spotts

Pastor Spotts has over 20 years’ experience teaching classical languages and literary interpretation at the primary, secondary, and collegiate levels in Christian and secular institutions, with a strong emphasis on distance learning situations.  Pastor Spotts holds a Bachelor of General Studies (1987) from Mizzou, an MA in Classical Greek (1995) from Mizzou, and a Master of Theological Studies (2016) from the American Lutheran Theological Seminary.  He is also working on his doctoral dissertation in Religion/Early Christian Studies at University of South Africa.

Pastor Spotts has been involved in various areas of Christian ministry since the mid-1980s and has taught Greek, Latin, and literature for students from the primary grades through adult since 1995.  Pastor Spotts is committed to providing deeply Christ-centered and personal pastoral care in the University community.  He has served as a parish pastor and as a missionary campus chaplain as well as an adjunct professor at Marshall University, the University of Ohio, and at the American Lutheran Theological Seminary.