Overview of Programs

ALTS Master of Divinity [MDiv]

The M.Div program is provided at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne or Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. This degree program is reserved for men who are members in a congregation of The AALC or The LCMS, and is intended to lead directly to ordination into the Ministerium. Therefore, admission into the program is governed, along with other requirements, by the doctrinal position of our church body.

Master of Theological Studies [MTS]

The MTS program is provided for our online seminary students who are on a path towards pastoral ministry in The AALC. This program was developed as an adjunct to the Master of Divinity (M.Div) Program for preparing second career men who are called to parish ministry. Men who enroll as MTS students will eventually serve as a Vicar after recommendation and subsequent approval by the Clergy Commission.

Master of Arts in Religion [MAR]

The MAR program is for church workers (other than pastors) who hope to serve as Deacons or Deaconesses in a local congregation. The curriculum parallels the pastoral training in the MTS program and is for both men and women who want to study at the graduate level. The courses are designed to be complementary to the MTS program and MAR students will usually be learning side-by-side with MTS students.


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