Master of Divinity [MDiv]

Protocol for… the training of Seminarians

1. LCMS seminaries welcome all qualified applicants from The AALC to their various graduate programs.

2. Students who are members of TAALC congregations and who meet all other requirements for admission are admitted to the M. Div. program with the recommendation of The TAALC. Such admission entails the following:

a. Such students would plan to receive the M. Div. degree from an LCMS seminary, although they would not thereby become candidates for the LCMS theological diploma which certifies eligibility for a call into the pastoral ministry of the LCMS.

b. Arrangements regarding the fulfillment of resident field education requirements would be made with TAALC students and would utilize such options as extensive observation, summer field education under the auspices of The AALC, and as much participation as possible in AALC congregations during the school year.

c. After accumulating the number of hours of M. Div. credit specified by the respective seminary, such students would be assigned by The AALC to vicarages, in which they serve under the supervision of The AALC. Because each assignment must meet the standards of both the seminaries and their accrediting agencies, it must be cleared in advance with appropriate seminary officials.

d. When ALTS/The AALC determines that such students have completed successfully full-time, twelve-month vicarages, ALTS/The AALC notifies each student’s seminary of that fact and provides the seminary with an evaluation of the student’s learning and service during vicarage. The seminary accepts the student’s vicarage in The AALC as fulfilling the vicarage requirement in the M. Div. program.

e. Following vicarage, each student returns to the seminary. Upon the student’s satisfactory completion of M. Div. course work, the seminary confers the M. Div. degree.

f. The AALC is responsible for granting such students any necessary certification for service as pastor in The AALC including Clergy Commission interviews and for accomplishing their placement as candidates in The AALC.

g. The AALC is responsible for meeting the needs of TAALC students who require financial assistance while at an LCMS seminary.

3. LCMS seminaries will do everything possible to make AALC students feel welcome. Should any difficulties or problems arise, seminary officials will make every effort to maintain two-way communication with appropriate officials of The AALC in attempting to resolve them.

Approved June 23. 1989 at the 2nd General Convention of The AALC

Admission Qualification and Procedures

Qualifications, and procedures, for admission to the Concordia Theological Seminary Master of Divinity Program can be found on To begin the process, please contact the ALTS Registrar.


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