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Greek II

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Every Thursday until March 17, 2022

8:00pm – 10:00pm

Category: Foundation | Coordinator: Bonnie Ohlrich

Greek II
Instructor: Pastor Dave Spotts
Classes begin: January 13, 2022
End: March 17, 2022

David_Spotts_600x800All M.DIV. students must take and pass two quarters of Greek.
Greek I & II are technical courses which prepare the student to read and write in the Koine Greek text of the New Testament. The goal of these courses is to create proficiency in the ancient language, so that one is prepared for in-depth textual study of the New Testament books. Greek is required for E102 Hermeneutics.

Greek and Hermeneutics are foundational for EO105 Pentateuch, EO107 Prophets: Isaiah, EN105 Synoptic Gospel: Matthew, and EN107 Pauline Letter: Ephesians courses.

Prerequisite: Required (M.DIV.) Credit Hours: 6

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