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E102 Hermeneutics

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Every Monday until June 18, 2021

3:00pm – 5:00pm

Category: Exegesis | Coordinator: Bonnie Ohlrich

E102 Hermeneutics
Instructor: Rev. Rich Shields
Classes begin Monday, April 12, 2020
3pm – 5pm (Eastern Time)
Ends June 18, 2021

Shi Rich Shields_600x800This course provides a student with a thorough understanding of the theological, and historical aspects of interpreting the Scriptures. The course assumes the student has completed an introductory level of Greek or the Bible in Context. Topics covered include: presuppositions of textual interpretation, grammatical systems, literary theory, the historical setting of texts, the nature of revelation, the connection between text and worldview, and the centrality of Christ in understanding the Sacred Scriptures.

Prerequisite: Greek (MDiv) or The Bible in Context (MAR & MAT) Credit Hours: 3