Endowment Program

What is an Endowment?

Endowment Funds are the lifeblood of institutions of higher learning. An endowment is an amount of money (fund) that is given to the Seminary with a stipulation that the funds are invested to earn interest rather than being spent immediately.

A portion of the annual earnings are used to award student scholarships or support ALTS programs. The rest of the earnings are reallocated back into the fund’s principle to insure that the endowment continues to grow and yield more interest for future scholarships and support. An endowment fund is a gift that keeps on giving. Individuals who give or pledge $25,000 or more may establish a personalized Endowment Fund in their name (i.e. The John Smith Endowment). These personalized funds can be tailored to support an individual’s field of interest within the Seminary or they can be created to meet the Seminary’s greatest needs.

Named Endowment Funds can be added to at any time and in any amount, by any donor. ALTS provides those who have a named endowment with an annual financial report. Named Endowment donors whose funds create student scholarships may choose to form a relationship with student recipients.

How can I establish a "Named" Endowment Fund?

Individuals who are interested in supporting the mission of ALTS through establishing a named endowment fund can contact the Seminary for assistance. Donors may fund an endowment through their estate or planned giving. We will provide your attorney and financial advisor the information they need.

For additional information about the ALTS Endowment program please contact: ALTS Administrator - Duane Kleven

(260) 210-2087| ALTSAdministrator@alts.taalc.org


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