Bible & Theology Resources

Lutheran Resources

Book of Concord | The Lutheran Confessions
Concordia Theology | resources from the faculty of CSL
Project Wittenberg | works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans
CTS Media | resources from CTSFW
CSL Scholar | Institutional Repository of CSL
Lutheran Theology Web Site | defending Confessional Lutheranism
Doxology | innovative program of advanced study retreats
D. Martin Luthers Werke | Weimar 1883-1929 [German]


Accordance Software | original language tools, interactive 3D maps, etc.
Logos | networked libraries, fast searches, original language tools, etc.
BibleWorks | original languages Bible software for exegesis, etc.

Bible & Theology Resources

Bible Gateway | Bible in 200+ versions and 70+ languages
Bible History Online | Maps, Articles, Images, and Resources
Christian Classics Ethereal Library | hundreds of classic Christian books
Electronic Journals Services | thousands of e-journals, millions of articles
NET Bible | 60,932 translators’ notes by more than 25 scholars
New Testament Gateway | academic resources on the NT
Old Testament Gateway | academic resources on the OT
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies [not updated since 2012]
Schaff’s History of the Christian Church
World Religions [Rutgers University]
Worldwide Encyclopedia of Christianity [covered elsewhere]
Theological Research Exchange Network [not updated since 2005]
Bible Study Tools | many translations and other tools

Other Lutheran Links

ALTS Blog | thoughts on theological education, reflection, growth
Exegete77 | blog of Pastor Richard Shields, President of ALTS (TAALC)
Grace, Mercy, and Peace | blog of Dr. Curtis Leins, Presiding Pastor of TAALC
Just & Sinner | blog and podcast of Pastor Jordan Cooper (TAALC)
Fighting for the Faith | podcast of Pastor Chris Rosebrough (TAALC)
Captain’s Log | blog of Pastor Chris Rosebrough (TAALC)
Pirate Lexicon | vocabulary and links for enquiring minds
Issues, Etc. Archive | daily podcast of Pastor Todd Wilken (LCMS)
Lutheran Public Radio | 24/7 sacred music station from Issues, Etc.
Pirate Christian Radio | Christ-centered, Cross-focused Talk Radio


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