ALTS Objectives

The ALTS curriculum and program is designed for a three-fold purpose.

1. To train men for the Office of the Holy Ministry in the following functions.

  • Preacher-Teacher-Evangelist—to proclaim God’s judgment against sin, to proclaim His free mercy for Christ’s sake, to take a distinctively Biblical stand on crucial current issues, and to seek to reach the next generation for Jesus in terms it can understand and respond to in repentance and faith.
  • Prayer and Worship—to lead the local body of Christ in prayer, praise, liturgy, and use of the sacraments.
  • Public Apologetics—to resist the privatization of faith by studying contemporary cultural trends and by confronting contemporary challenges to the faith, seeking always to “speak the truth in love,” as salt and light.
  • Pastoral Caregiving—to practice the care of souls through the use of God’s Word, and to identify, train, and encourage other counselors within the body of Christ.
  • Equipper of the Saints—to mobilize the local body of Christ so that members use their gifts as the “priesthood of all believers,” both for building up the body of Christ in unity and love, and also for reaching out to the next generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. To train Deacons and Deaconesses for ministry in the Congregation.

3. To train lay people for leadership in Christ’s Church.

One of the future projects for ALTS is to develop a certificate program for lay leaders in the local congregations. Watch for more information about this expansion.


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